In partnership with Devex and Rotary International, Stronger Foundations for Nutrition launches new video calling for integrated, child-centered solutions

In times of crisis, children always suffer the most. As issues like climate change throw new and greater challenges at us, it is more important than ever that communities – and our channels for reaching them – are strong and resilient, providing children everything they need to survive and to thrive.

But so many of the essential services that children need are delivered in silos – if they are delivered at all – while for families it is just one life.

We must do better for children, and members of the health and nutrition philanthropic community are starting to find new ways of doing so. Our partner Rotary International is one of them: the integrated approach of its PolioPlus program provides a model for community-focused, child-centered delivery of health and nutrition services.

In partnership with Devex and its series Food Secured, this new video explores Rotary’s success in leveraging polio eradication infrastructure to also tackle malnutrition among the world’s most vulnerable. It is estimated that introducing Vitamin A supplementation to this program has contributed to preventing more than 1.25 million deaths by decreasing children’s susceptibility to infectious diseases.

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