Dr. Katharina Lichtner

Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation

Dr. Lichtner holds a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Basle, Switzerland, and completed her PhD studies on pre T-cell receptors at the Basle Institute for Immunology under the supervision of Prof. Harald von Boehmer and Prof. Gottfried Schatz. She began her career with the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in Zurich. She went on to become a successful entrepreneur, setting up and then leading two companies, both strategically and operationally. Capital Dynamics, which she co-founded in 1999, is a global private equity fund of funds manager. At the time she moved on, it had 160 professionals and 14 offices worldwide, managing over $18bn in assets for institutional investors. In 2013, she began leading AIM Sport Vision, a start-up that took Digital Overlay® – a ground-breaking virtual replacement technology for in-stadium advertising – from a technology invention to market entry. Since 2015 she has worked for the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation, the only foundation in the world with a primary focus on promoting and supporting scientific research in human milk nutrition. Here, she is combining her scientific background with her leadership experience to help the foundation become a global leader in the field of human milk. Dr. Lichtner has published several books as lead editor, as well as many articles on private equity, clean energy and business creation. She served on the Board of Capital Dynamics during her tenure, was a 4-year member of the International Private Equity Valuation Board, and currently serves on the Guarantees Committee of the Swiss Technology fund.