Launching Nourish Equality: A Philanthropic Guide to Good Nutrition and Gender Equality

Worldwide, rates of malnutrition among girls and women are sky high. 1 billion adolescent girls and women suffer from undernutrition and two in every three women of reproductive age worldwide suffer from at least one essential micronutrient deficiency. 

These high rates of malnutrition place a heavy and unnecessary cap on the potential of adolescent girls and women worldwide, undermining progress on gender equality and limiting broader health and development outcomes.

Though the links between gender equality and nutrition are clear, up until now action has been relatively limited and fragmented because of a lack of practical guidance on how to take action, particularly for philanthropic funders.

To close this gap, Stronger Foundations for Nutrition has launched: Nourish Equality – A Philanthropic Guide to the Double Dividend of Good Nutrition and Gender Equality. Profiled today in Axios as an effective philanthropic intervention, Nourish Equality provides practical tools across the grantmaking cycle to support funders and other leaders to deliver a ‘double dividend’ of gender equality and good nutrition.

It unpacks the evidence base around the intersections of these two issues and provides practical tools to enable donors to mainstream gender in their investments and to strengthen nutrition outcomes in gender equality-focused grantmaking. In doing so, it calls on the nutrition and gender equality communities to bridge the divides between their sectors and make the kinds of integrated investments needed to end the vicious cycle of gender inequality and poor health.

“At CIFF, we firmly believe that embedding equity into our grant-making portfolio is not just the right thing to do, but will also enhance the impact, relevance and sustainability of our giving. Stronger Foundations’ new guide is a timely and welcome resource to help funders unpack the importance of mainstreaming gender equity into their nutrition portfolios and support them in doing so effectively.”

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation Anna Hakobyan, Chief Impact Officer

The guide has been welcomed by other donors and sector leaders, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Education Funders Group, Eleanor Crook Foundation, END Fund, OECD NetFwD, Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, Rotary International and the WHO. 

To explore Nourish Equality and its practical and yet truly transformative steps toward a stronger and more equal world, click here.