Stronger Foundations for Nutrition

Stronger Foundations for Nutrition is the world’s leading coalition of private donors working together to rewrite the story of global malnutrition. Better nutrition gives all of us a new story — a world full of human potential.

Let’s write that story and build stronger foundations together.

Malnutrition is the #1 killer of children globally, taking more than 3 million lives each year.

3.1 billion people, more than 1/3 of the world, are held back by inadequate diets.

The climate crisis and COVID-19 pandemic are making malnutrition up to 50% worse.

Despite its devastating impact, less than 1% of official development assistance is spent on nutrition.

We believe we can end this .

Stronger Foundations for Nutrition offers private donors a safe space to dream bigger — scaling up collective impact to transform global malnutrition and unlock the true potential of billions of people.

It won’t be easy, but working together it is within our grasp to save over 3 million children this year, and to create a stronger foundation of good health and prosperity for all.

Steering Committee

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Image 1 – ©UNICEF/Ijazah
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